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Nassau County inmate search, help you search for Nassau County jail current inmates, find out if someone is in Nassau County Jail.

Nassau County Jail is located at 76212 Nicholas Cutinha Road in Yulee, Florida, its ZIP code is 32097, for inmate information or jail visitation, call (904) 548-4002.

Inmate Information

Nassau County inmate information may be obtained by phone, by e-mail, or online. You should provide the inmate's full name or booking number for requests.

Requests by Phone
Call the number(s) to find out the inmate's custody status:
Nassau County Jail (904) 548-4002
Booking (904) 548-4006

Requests by E-mail
Email Nassau County Sheriff's Office at to submit your request, include the inmate's name in the subject line of the email, and specify your request in your email.

Online Search
Use online search below to find Nassau County inmates. Sometimes it's not available.

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